Edgilent Accepts Outside Investment Funding

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SCHAUMBURG, IL February 6, 2015 – Edgilent accepts outside investment funding to fuel market and services expansion as it plans for major growth in 2015.

Edgilent has acknowledge acceptance of outside funding to help transform and grow the 15 year old company in to a leading technology services organization. The investment signifies a commitment by their new owners to expand the company to offer more services to wider set of customers. “The additional investment we have put in to the company is immediate and will allow us to bring in some key people to more rapidly scale the organization.” said Rob Koury, an Edgilent Managing Partner

About Edgilent:
Edgilent provides the high-demand IT skills and experience needed to help today’s leading companies remain competitive and expand their market share. Our specialization in development, cloud and data resources enables our clients to focus on their business. Edgilent is a division of Vertical Trail LLC

About Vertical Trail:
Vertical Trail LLC solves industry-specific revenue challenges by providing advanced software development and business analytics solutions. Our solutions expand and protect revenues and accelerate growth. For more information please visit

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