About This Project

The Client

The Major Reporting Projects at HealthPartners consist of two separate projects, currently combined into one because they share similar, if not identical data needs.

The Challenge

One of the reporting projects is called “Employer Reporting – Demonstrating Our Value” (ER-DOV) and the other is called “Medical Management Views and Summaries” (MMVS).

ER-DOV is focused on collecting and organizing data in a way that will demonstrate the value HealthPartners brings to each Employer through the various Care Management and Financial Management programs that HealthPartners has in place. A series of reporting database tables will be developed within HealthPartners existing data warehouse and a standardized set of reports will be produced from this data on a regular, production schedule for a select group of HealthPartners customers.

MMVS is focused on collecting and organizing health plan care management data that can be used to educate health care providers regarding issues that drive up the cost of health care. Some of these issues include Potentially Avoidable Delays (PADs) and Non-Qualified Admissions (NQA’s). PADs can increase the cost of healthcare by keeping patients in the hospital longer than is necessary. Non- Qualified Admissions can increase the cost of health care by admitting individuals into a hospital or facility when that individual’s medical condition could be effectively treated in other ways. The MMVS project involves creating a series of ad-hoc reporting database tables within HealthPartners’ existing data warehouse along with the development of several ad-hoc reports within a reporting framework.

The Approach

In order to successfully produce the new database tables and reports a series of new data sources will need to be brought into the data warehouse using some form of Extract-Transform-Load process. These data sources range from simple Excel spreadsheets, to complex data files extracted from other production applications at HealthPartners. An important part of bringing the new data sources into the data warehouse and creating the appropriate table structures is the validation of the data to ensure that it is as accurate and complete as possible. Once the data from these sources has been validated it will need to be stored in an appropriately designed set of tables to support the ad-hoc and standardized reporting needs mentioned above.

HealthPartners data warehouse follows the star schema approach. It currently consists of 40 base tables, 30 fact tables, 75 dimension tables and 150 dictionary tables. The existing data warehouse contains roughly 600 gigabytes of data and covers the following subject areas:

  • Membership
  • Medical Claims
  • Pharmacy Claims
  • Premium Billing
  • Lab Data
  • Dictionaries and codes

Requirements are still being defined for the Major Reporting projects. However, as of the date of this RFP the following information is known:

  • Business Objects Reports Identified: 20
  • Oracle Reports Identified: 12
  • Data Sources Identified:
    • Oracle Tables 10
    • Flat File 4
    • Microsoft Excel 3
    • Microsoft Access 1
  • Fact/Dimension Tables Identified: 6

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